Salon Essentials to Attract and Keep Customers

If you own a salon or spa, you know that there is way more to your business then just the service you offer. Clients enjoy being pampered and expect it when they are paying for a service. The better they are treated, the more likely they will use your service again. As a stylist, cosmetologist, or massage therapist, your client book is how you make money. Scheduling clients continuously ensures that you will be able to maintain your business. With this in mind, you want to retain your clients and entice new ones to use your service, but how? As stated, clients like to be pampered and valued. In this blog, we will be discussing come essentials you will need to ensure that your clients are happy with their service and return to you again.

Greet Them!

Sometimes an acknowledgment is all someone needs to feel valued. Many times, if a customer isn’t greeted immediately, or sees someone at the front desk, they will leave. It isn’t because they feel neglected, however, if they don’t see a worker present they can question the professionalism of your business. Because of this, it is important that you stay by the front door or at least schedule a time to meet with your customer before their services. Many businesses will use bells or buzzers when their front door opens. Anything you can use to alert you of a customer can help ensure that you are present to greet them.
Greeting your customer is useful far beyond just being polite. Welcoming your customer into your business is a great way to ease their minds and make them feel comfortable. If you are a massage therapist, your main goal is to provide a space for your clients to feel relaxed and release their muscle tension. If you don’t make them feel comfortable, they won’t relax and your job with be 10-times harder.

Offer a Beverage

Offering your guest something, such as a beverage, is a great way to make them feel welcomed and respected. In many cultures, anytime a guest is present, the host (business owner) should offer something. In studios, salon suites, or spa facilities, the best thing to offer your client is a drink of water or tea. Tea is relaxing and can help relax your clients. Water, too, can help relax your clients and hydrate them before you begin their service. Though this may seem like a small and unnecessary task, clients respond well when they are offered something without asking for it. Even if the client declines your offer, they will still appreciate that you thought about their comfort.

Encourage a Positive Relationship

In order to retain your clients, staying interested in their lives is important. Small things, such as remembering their names, interests, and dislikes is vital to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. If you are passive about your client’s lives and don’t act interested in them at all, they can easily take their business elsewhere. If a client arrives, it is important to build a positive relationship based on trust and respect. If you are a hairstylist, you will want your clients to trust your judgment. One way to ensure this is by reassuring them that their business matters to you and you will do your best to make them happy. Even the smallest attention to detail can mean something to your client as reaffirm their trust in you.

Reward Loyal Clients

If your clients are loyal, you should find a way to reward them. It means something for clients to revisit service time-and-time again. Because your business is impacted and you face plenty of competition in your local area, providing positive reinforcement to your returning clients is beneficial. Not only will you be able to earn more business, but you will be able to build lasting relationships with your clients. And, the better you know your clients, the more likely you will be able to see clients return to your business to see you and receive their services.

Create an Inviting Environment

Any business needs to create an inviting environment. If your business is poorly decorated and dirty, customers will question the quality of your services. In fact, many might leave without even receiving your service. For spas, especially, cleanliness and decor should rank very highly on your priority list. As stated earlier, a spa is meant to provide a haven for clients to rejuvenate and relax. If your business is less than well designed, your business may suffer.

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