be your own boss signIf you work in a traditional salon environment, you have likely thought about taking the leap and becoming an independent hairstylist. With revenue splits with the salon owner, inflexible scheduling, and other limitations, there’s no reason why well-established hair styling professionals should not pursue an independent career.

There are various benefits to being an independent hair stylist, such as being your boss. However, it can be challenging for those in traditional salon environments to determine when it’s the right time to leap. In this article, we’ll share three signs that you are ready to leave the traditional setting and become your boss.

1. You Are Constantly Thinking About It

As a hairstylist, it is one thing to want to open your own salon business when you are bored or frustrated at your current job in a traditional setting. It’s another thing when your passion for running your own business keeps you up at night trying to figure out the steps to take to get there. If you constantly think about moving, it’s a sign that the time is right.

2. You Have A Plan

Making this type of move is risky without putting together a well-thought-out plan. We’re not saying this needs to be an in-depth plan with every detail, but it should have details such as services, pricing, and other significant numbers. If you have already begun working on a plan, chances are you are almost, if not already, ready.

3. You Know Your Market

To make it as an independent beauty professional, you need to know who your market is. You must know how to stand out in the marketplace and attract potential customers. Having an entire book of clients, or close to it, is an excellent start to identifying your market.

These are just a few signs that indicate you are ready to become your boss as an independent hairstylist. At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa, we support independent stylists and beauty professionals by offering luxury salon suites for rent. If you want to learn more about our salon suite rentals, contact us today!