1. New Salon Suites in Allen, TX

    PRESS RELEASE Dallas, March 24, 2023 Beauty and personal care professionals will soon have more options to become entrepreneurs. Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa, a leader in the Salon and Beauty suite rental industry, announced that they have opened a new location in The Village at Allen, l…Read More

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    Find the Perfect Spa Suite for Rent Near You

    Looking for a way to get the feeling of luxury without breaking the bank? Consider renting a spa suite near you! With so many options available, there's sure to be one that meets your budget and has all the amenities you need for an unforgettable experience. Here's the best way to a salon suite. The…Read More

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    Tips For Organizing Your Salon Suite Rental

    If you are a salon suite owner, the Fall is an excellent time of year to refresh and restart, especially if you have had a hectic summer. In our last blog, we shared why fall is a great time to launch specials and highlight services and some ideas to boost sales. Fall is also a great time to organiz…Read More

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    Fall Ideas To Boost Sales For Your Salon Business

    We are finally in the thick of the fall! And what’s not to love about this beautiful time of year? Football, changing leaf colors, cooler temperatures, pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks — we are convinced that fall is the best season!  The fall is also a great time to reevaluate and refresh your m…Read More

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    Seven Ways To Elevate Client Experience In Your Salon Space

    As a spa or salon suite owner, you should always look for ways to improve your business. When it comes to improving your business, one of your primary concerns should be how to elevate your clients’ experiences constantly. Why? A recent report has shown that 86 percent of customers are willing to …Read More

  6. Decor Ideas For Your Dallas Salon Suite Rental

    One of the benefits of renting a salon space from Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa is that the space is entirely yours. While our salon spaces come equipped with some of the furniture and equipment you need to run a successful business, you are free to make the space your own.  Ideally, you w…Read More

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    Medispa Treatments That Are Perfect To Offer At Your Salon Suite

    More and more beauty professionals continue to leave commission-based positions and become their bosses by renting a salon suite. For hairstylists and other beauty professionals that want to become independent, a salon suite rental offers a variety of benefits. Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa…Read More

  8. woman holding money

    Commission Sales vs. Booth Rental vs. Salon Suite Rental

    Whether you are an independent hair stylist or another beauty professional, one of the most important decisions you will make in your career is whether you want to work for an employer on a salary or commission-based structure or rent your own both or salon suite. While all the options are good care…Read More

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    Success Tips You Should Know If You Are Renting A Salon Suite

    For many hairstylists and beauty professionals, owning their own business is the ultimate goal. While renting a salon booth or working for a company can be a great start, there’s nothing quite like being your boss and expressing your creativity while making a living. For well-established beauty pr…Read More

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    3 Signs You Are Ready To Be Your Own Boss

    If you work in a traditional salon environment, you have likely thought about taking the leap and becoming an independent hairstylist. With revenue splits with the salon owner, inflexible scheduling, and other limitations, there’s no reason why well-established hair styling professionals should no…Read More