woman sitting on window ledgeWhether you are a hairstylist, esthetician, massage therapist, make-up artist, or nail specialist, there is one challenge that all salon professionals face: attracting clients. At some point in their career, most salon professionals likely went through a period where finding clients was demanding.

Whichever services you provide as a salon professional, we’re here to share tips on attracting clients doing what you love! Continue reading to learn more!

Have An Inviting Salon Space

One of the first things you’ll want to do as a salon professional is to find an inviting workspace where you can provide your services. Since it can be difficult to find the money to purchase your own salon space, you should consider looking for salon suites for rent. Rental salon suites can accommodate any beauty professional, providing them with the space they need to run their own business.

At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa, we offer affordable salon suite rentals in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. All our salon spaces are fully furnished and come with the essentials you need to create an upscale experience for you and your clients. To learn about our salon spaces for lease, contact us!

Maximize Your Personality

Even if you are a highly-talented salon professional, that alone will not attract enough clients. In addition to providing services with excellent results, it is also essential to have a great personality. Simply being kind and welcoming and creating general appeal will leave your clients with a positive impression. Be yourself and treat clients as you would a house guest. A positive and engaging personality will make people feel comfortable, welcome, and more inclined to return.

Invest Some Time In Marketing

Marketing can be a broad term for advertising your beauty services business.

Many different marketing channels and platforms can be utilized to get your brand name and your work out there. As a salon professional, it is essential to focus on providing quality content that will attract your ideal consumers. Regarding beauty services, professionals should take pictures of their work and share it on multiple channels to reach specific audiences.

Hold Promotions and Special Offers

Building promotions and special offers around seasonal changes and new products or services are an excellent opportunity for salon professionals to attract new clients into their space. Promotions and special offers will often attract new clients, specific to the offer, and increase the chances of turning them into returning clients. Sharing these offers on social media, handing out flyers, or even postcards is essential!

These are just a few ways salon professionals can attract new clients. If you want to make attracting clients easier, start by renting a salon suite from Mattison Avenue Salons & Spa. We have a variety of fully-furnished salon suite rentals available for beauty professionals, including hairstylists, estheticians, massage therapists, make-up artists, and nail specialists! To learn more information about our salon suite leases, contact us today!