We are finally in the thick of the fall! And what’s not to love about this wonderful time of year? Football, changing leaf colors, cooler temperatures, pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks — we are convinced that fall is the best season! 

If you are an independent beauty professional, the fall is also a great time to reevaluate and refresh your marketing strategy. The services you offer, the products you sell, and the experience you provide are what makes your salon suite business grow! Before you know it, winter will be here and if you have yet to draw up a marketing plan for the Fall, it’s time to get to work. So put on a cozy sweater, grab your favorite fall-flavored drink, and begin thinking about how you can enhance your business and boost sales this time of year! To help you spark some inspiration, here are a few ideas.

Promote Fall Photo Shoot Styles

Fall is the time of year where you will start seeing people posting photos with their loved one or family on Instagram. Why? Because the autumn hues and beautiful foliage make for stunning photos! As a hairstylist, one thing you can do to boost Fall sales is to work with a photographer in the area and cross-promote services. Of course, make sure you like the style and vibe of the photographer you collab with. Because Autumn is such a popular season for photos, this can really be an effective strategy. When someone books a session with the photographer, that may also mean they will book you so that they can look their best. If someone books you, help out the photographer you are working with by referring your client to them so they can have photos taken with their new hair!

Bonus Idea: If you both are active on social media, collab with the photographer to do a giveaway! Giving away one free session is well-worth the amount of engagement and new followers you will get out of it.

Launch Season Specials

You can add a little pumpkin spice into your services by creating seasonal specials to help set your salon business apart from the rest. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, the ultimate goal with these specials is to generate a little buzz for your salon business. Try offering discounts on cuts, colors, and any other services you specialize in. Make sure to promote these specials on all of your social media channels and if you have a client email list, send out an update! A little buzz — even if it is from a pumpkin-flavored latte — can go a long way in terms of attracting more clients to your business.

Highlight Coloring And Conditioning Services

The fall foliage and colors often inspire clients to change their hair color. Running promotions for highlights and hair coloring services can boost not only your service revenues but product revenues as well. Additionally, while there is not much to dislike about this time of year, one of the negative sides of the season is the change in weather, which often leads to drier skin, scalp or hair, changes to hair texture, frizz, fly-aways, and more. You can offer your clients a solution by offering both service and product-based promotions with solutions for your client’s most common conditioning needs. What’s more, deep conditioning can be used as an add-on service as an add-on to color appointments or for clients with especially dry or damaged hair. 

Cater To The Brides

The fall is one of the most popular seasons to get married. Surely there are plenty of brides in your area that will be looking for hairstyling services when their big day comes. To have a chance at finding these brides you will need to promote these services like crazy! Post on social media, send out emails, ask your clients if they know anyone engaged — the list goes on and on! If you really want to go above and beyond, use Instagram or another social platform to find potential clients that recently got engaged. Simply congratulating them can go a long way, and who knows, it may lead to new business! 

There are many ways you can boost your salon business in the Fall! The trick is to be creative, cater to the needs of your clients, and create a valuable experience. Of course, you will also want to have a nice salon suite rental to work out of. 

If you are an independent beauty professional and are still in need of a salon space for rent, Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa has you covered! We have a variety of salon suites for rent that are perfect for those looking to take their career to new heights. If you are interested in learning more about our available salon studios for rent, contact us or stop by our facility today!