5 stars


Moving to this location in Addison made me feel very welcome. The other Tenets have been very supportive of my new idea of adding a small boutique to my newly renovated suite. The tenants bring their clients to purchase items from my boutique (Style Sweet Boutique).

I’m very grateful for them! I love my new location!!! Style seating

best salon suites In Texas; loving Mattisson skin_paradise02

A great place for experienced professionals who want a more relaxed and private setting for their clients The Tonsorial Empire Barbershop

As a first-time tenant, I was very nervous. Helen with Mattison ave salon suits definitely made me feel comfortable and confident in making my decision. The location is great. The price is great and the property is great. I’m happy.

A beautiful and modern facility that allows your business to grow.

Clean, professional environment with easy access. Christi Mastin Hair Studio

Great location and beautiful decor. My clients love it!

Great place to lease a suite. Good location, great parking, and great neighbors’ hairwithsaradise

Great salons very clean!

I have been at Mattison for 5 years and it’s been a wonderful experience and looking forward to what the future holds here!! @serenitystudio17

Having a clean, private space at Mattison Avenue has been a positive element in building my business. @justbreathenailstudio

Helen is a fantastic property manager who handles everything quickly and professionally. I wouldn’t trade her for the world 🖤

Hi there, My name is Victoria and I currently rent out a spa suite at Mattison suites. The rooms are spacious, the facility is always clean, and I love that they offer quiet zones. Victoria Taylor

I love being a part of the Mattison Avenue team! Highly recommend it if you are looking for a salon space to grow your business!

I love Mattison Avenue Suites. From the location to the ambiance and decor…I’m hooked. I love the security of my door being locked and the business door open hours. LoloArtistry

I absolutely love my suite at Mattison Avenue Addison. The location is great for my clients and is in a busy shopping center That has tasty restaurants and is right off the tollway.

I enjoy being at Mattison Avenue; they’re welcoming and attentive to anything I need. It’s also in a great location! Touchedby Taylor

I have been a tenant of Mattison ave salons for 11 yrs. I love the people that I work with. They are like family. Theshearedge salon

I have been at this location for 6 years now. I love the security system. Location and the Manager. Sherri Clark

I have leased here for 8 years now. It is a very affordable, clean, professional and nice location.

I have enjoyed my time with Mattison Avenue; the staff is helpful and responsive. The building is always immaculate, and all the rants are respectful. I hope to lease here for many more years! Crystal Mesa

I have rented at Mattison Avenue for over 8 years! They have worked with us very well through the pandemic. Helen is accommodating and always ensures that she keeps us tenants informed.

I love having a suite with Madison Avenue, the location is just wonderful and my space has the most beautiful full wall of windows! Always A Good Hair Day 2.0

I love Mattison Salon Suites. The property is upscale and gives my clients a luxury experience while getting a luxury service.

I love the central location of the walnut hill salon in Dallas. My beautiful window provides me with amazing light to do hair color services. I love the modern look/fixtures of the space as well. As a hairstylist I could Always use more room but, for my first suite by myself, this is the perfect place to grow. My clients constantly comment about how they love the area I’m located and love how I’m able to customize my room too!

I love the sophistication that Mattison Avenue has. It’s just all around beautiful space. Crowningbrows

I love walking in this beautiful building to go to my studio. AngelaDeniece

I love working at Mattison Avenue. the building is so clean, modern and beautiful and the rooms are larger than most suites elsewhere. My clientele loves the ascetic of the building. you can’t beat being your own boss and feel completely safe doing so with the key fob system for outside regular business hours.

I love working at Mattison. Every tenant respectfully coexists and gets along. The salon itself is very clean and modern and I really enjoy working here.

I love working at Mattison’s ave. I love working alone and yet have friends in the building. People are very friendly.

I started my career at Mattison Avenue. It’s been a pleasure! I love the location, management team and fellow tenants. Naydja Hair Salon

I very much like the privacy that comes with being in a suite and enjoying the decor and mood curated by every suite renter. @hairbypaigewilhite

I want to personally shout out Helen when I first came across Mattison salon avenue I was so nervous to go on my own & she took it soon herself to motivate a stranger & follow through to make sure I took advantage of the deal she was giving which changed my financial stability thus far!!! I’m loving being my boss babe! Carley Heilaneh

I was referred to this location by another tenant and I’m so glad that he found it. And many of my clients didn’t know that it was there and had so many service providers. It is the perfect central location and the manager has been welcoming since the 1st phone call. Her cheerfulness hasn’t turned off either seems to be a genuinely happy person. My suite came with enough storage and a clean blank slate to decorate. I appreciate the spa, where you can have a more secluded and quiet area. I’m comfortable here and can see myself here for a long while.

I’m grateful to Mattison because it allowed me to open my first spa. Me Myself & Ahh

I’ve been a Mattison tenant for 3 years and love it! The location is easy to access and I live in the building. Hairethics

I’ve rented at 2 different locations before finding Mattison Avenue, and this is by far the cleanest rental suite I’ve come across. The room sizes are also great, and the leasing process was so easy!

I’m super happy that Mattison Avenue is so clean and up-to-date with its decor! I love that the manager is responsive and the other tenants have been kind. Brittany Kirkman-Hairstylist

I’ve loved my time in Mattison and enjoy my neighbors. I’m happy to be building my business here and creating friendships. Facebook.com/hair.by.hanby

Leasing from Mattison Avenue has been the best way to start my career. Allowing me the creative space to design my own space and be my own boss. I love this new chapter in my life and encourage everyone to reach their potential. Mattison Avenue is a great place to do that! @splashbeautyspasugarland

I love that my clients and I don’t get wet when it rains or get into a heated car in the summer because of the garage that connects to the salon.

Love working at Mattison Avenue, parking and assessability are great, the rooms are a nice size, My clients love it there, and management is very responsive and there’s a problem, or willing to help address any concerns. I have been very happy there, and the people I work with are very supportive.

Mattison Ave continues to grow and works to support its stylish success.


Mattison Avenue is a great place to lease a salon suite! Suites are spacious and move-in ready! Salons are safe, modern and clean. I have enjoyed building my business with Mattison Avenue!

Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa has been nothing short of amazing in such a short period of time. From the first day I walked into the building searching for a suite, I fell in love! The atmosphere is nice, and the cleanliness, the decor, and the friendliness of other tenants are good. How we can 100% customize our suites to our likes is even more amazing. Afiya Oni Studio

Mattison Avenue Salon Suites has been such a significant upgrade from my previous location. I love the salon space and being able to create my own salon space is a dream! My guest love the cleanliness, the modern look, and the bathrooms have the best selfie lighting!

Mattison Avenue Salons in Southlake offer an excellent location for any client, new or long term to come to experience your new business! Amenities are just what you need and the rooms are clean and updated. RC Massage and Esthetics

Mattison Avenue Sugar Land is a great salon in the prime Town Center close to restaurants and shopping. The upscale design and modern touches. It’s a wonderful place to work.

Mattison Avenue Suites has allowed me to grow and expand my business. Meli’s Beauty Studio

Mattison Avenue- Watauga is an uprising & uplifting community for Stylists/Barbers,/Artists to express their creativity freely, by their own designs & terms. The warm, welcoming atmosphere initiated by Mrs. Rose A. and her team is enriching. She always welcomes with a smile, has positive energy, and listens closely to her tenant’s needs, all within a timely manner. Win-Win! Begin your journey and join the Mattison Avenue – Watauga Community, Today! –BNU STUDIO

Mattison has provided me with not only a healthy working environment for myself but also for my clients. My suite mates here have swiftly become like a small family and you just don’t see that a lot in our industry. franciembsalon

My customers enjoy coming in because it’s near home and clean and beautiful to come into.

Nicole is great and has been wonderful to lease from. She’s always on top of any issues I may have.

One of the main reasons I leased from Mattison Ave. was because of the separation of the hair stylists and spa professionals. The Spa wing area isn’t loud, and no chemical smells are lingering around. It’s a peaceful place and comes off as very professional. My guests like it!

Perfect for locational purposes! Clarence Abraham

I recently moved to the Riverview area and looked around at several barbershops for work. I found Mattison Avenue to be the perfect place to build my business. The building is always clean. They provide all the amenities in a great atmosphere. I give this place a 10 out of 10. I will be here for years to come. I love this place and most of all, my clients love it. Thank you, Mattison Avenue!

Renting a suite at Mattison Avenue has been the best decision ever! They give you the freedom to express yourself through your suite with all the customizations they allow. My clients love the building, which has made for a smooth transition! @randrsalon164

The Watauga location is so beautiful and Rose is just excellent! Beachin’ massage

This location has offered great accessibility to my clients, and staff and maintenance are incredibly responsive! Mattison Avenue is definitely the place to rent! Crystal Mesa

Very nicely kept up. Manager Helen is always willing to help and get back to you with all your needs and questions. Great location. Very happy and clean working environment.

Very professional with modern aesthetics and a clean environment to work in. I absolutely love doing business here!

When the spa I worked for let me go during the pandemic, I was off for 5 months. They offered for me to come back on a commission. After 20-plus years in the industry, I decided to branch out independently. I came from a high-end spa and was nervous I wouldn’t find a place up to my client’s standards. I found Mattison Ave. Suits and knew my clients would be happy. My clients love the location and how quiet the suites are. Thank you for providing an upscale studio to do what I love. Ashibar