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​Personalized Space:

When you rent one of our salon suites, you're not just getting a space – you're getting your oasis. Each suite can be customized and decorated to reflect your unique style and brand. Make it your own, and let your personality shine through in every detail.


Mattison Salon Suites is more than just a space; it's a suite for creativity. Express your individuality and tailor your suite to align with your brand perfectly. Decorate, customize, arrange, and set the vibe—your suite, your rules. 


We understand the nature of the beauty industry.  Business fluctuates with the economy and personal issues can be hindering at times. Our rental options offer flexibility in terms of lease duration and suite size, allowing you to scale your business as needed.


Privacy & Tranquility:

Say goodbye to the distractions and noise of a traditional salon. Our salon suites provide a quiet and peaceful environment where you and your clients can unwind and focus solely on their experience.


Control Over Products:

You can choose the products you want to sell, giving you more control over the quality and types of products you offer clients.

First Class Amenities:

Our salon spaces come fully furnished with amazing amenities. You can start serving clients immediately without the hassle of setting up from scratch. 

Supportive Community:

Join a vibrant community of beauty professionals. Networking opportunities, teamwork, and knowledge-sharing with fellow members are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy.

Competitive Pricing:

We provide outstanding quality and services at competitive prices in individual markets.

Health Benefits:​

We have discounted insurance plans available, as well as Maternity Leave Support!

Discounted Rates for Gloss Genius:

Gloss Genius is a software platform designed to help salon and beauty professionals manage their businesses more efficiently. As their partner, we pass savings on to our members. 

Safety and Sanitation:

Your client's safety and health are important.  We follow the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation, providing peace of mind for you and your clients.


watauga location

Texas Salon Suite locations include Richardson, Mansfield, Plano, Las Colinas, Frisco, Allen, Dallas, Addison, Watauga, Chapel Hill, Southlake, Coppell, Highland Village and North / East Dallas, Humble, Champions Forest and Sugarland.


Known for its commitment to excellence, Mattison Avenue provides luxurious salon suites in prime locations throughout Arizona, including Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe and Surprise.

Whether you're a hairstylist, nail technician, esthetician, or any other beauty expert, renting a suite with Mattison Avenue in Tampa or Clearwater promises a premium experience that sets you up for success. 


At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites and Spa, we take pride in creating an environment where salon professionals and clients can thrive. By offering affordable luxury, we have made high-end salon experiences accessible to a broader audience. With our strong presence in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, we continue to expand our reach, bringing our unparalleled salon suites to new markets and enhancing the beauty industry. Our portfolio has successfully established 41 salon suite locations within our three-brand family across these markets.

Our collection of salon suites is a fit for any profession. Whether you need a comfortable space for a nail studio or a spacious suite for a tattoo artist, esthetician, or hair services, we have options tailored to your needs. Personalize it to reflect your style and brand, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your valued clients. Renting a salon space is the key to unlocking your potential as a beauty professional. It's an opportunity to create your unique oasis where your creativity can flourish, and your clients can experience a personalized, intimate beauty journey. 


By renting a salon suite, you can design and decorate the salon space to reflect your style and brand, ensuring a memorable experience for each client. It's a place to fully express your talent, set your schedule, and build your business on your terms. Renting a beauty space isn't just about space; it's about taking control of your career, fostering client relationships, and providing top-notch services in a space exclusively yours. It's the first step towards achieving your dreams and making a lasting impact in the beauty industry.




Our salon suites come with top-of-the-line amenities, ensuring you have everything you need to provide exceptional service. 

Enjoy free utilities, secure  24/7 access, digital directory and locks, prime locations with high traffic volume, luxurious salon tools and furnishings and a spacious waiting area for your guests.



We emphasize nurturing relationships among members, encouraging them to acquaint themselves with each other and freely exchange ideas and talents. This serves as a support system, helping professionals along their career paths as they draw inspiration and guidance from their peers within our community.



Make our salon suite your own! Decorate and design your space to reflect your unique style and personality. Build your brand and create a memorable experience that keeps your clients returning.



  • Dental Benefits

  • Supplemental Health Benefits

  • Vision Insurance

  • Telehealth

  • Life Insurance

  • Maternity Leave

  • Supplemental Parking (in select properties)


Join a vibrant community of beauty professionals. At Mattison Salon Suites, you're never alone on your journey. Our passionate community of beauty experts encourages collaboration, idea-sharing, and camaraderie. Networking opportunities and peer collaboration are among the best benefits of being a salon suite owner. 

member hairdresser doing hair
Image by Kareya  Saleh


By Zipcode


Sugar Scrubs, Waxing, Massage & Body Treatments. Skin Care Services, Facials, Teeth Whitening, Light Therapy, Makeup Application, Chiropractic, Hair Cut and Style, Barber Services, Eyelashes/Brows, Manicures and Pedicures, Waxing, Hair Extensions, Highlight/Color Services, Smoothing/Straightening, Brazilian Blowouts and more!

  • What is a salon suite?
    A salon suite is a private, fully equipped salon space that is rented by individual beauty professionals such as hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and makeup artists. It provides a personalized and independent workspace within a larger salon facility.
  • Who can I speak with about my suite?
    Please get in touch with your property manager at your location directly. If you need additional assistance, please get in touch with us directly by calling 9152936333. All maintenance requests should be entered in the Rent Manager portal.
  • How do I rent a salon suite?
    Simply book your personal tour with a property manager at your chosen location and they will comfortably show you around the property and ask all of your questions. They will help you determine if this is the best move for you at this time in your career.
  • What amenities are included?
    We offer amenities such as: Luxurious and modern designed suites. Custom Cabinets. Digital locks. Includes all utilities - high-speed internet and free Wi-Fi. Website and digital directory listing for each suite European-style washbowl. Fully customizable suites. Spacious waiting areas for guests. The best locations in each region. A separate break room with a refrigerator, microwave, and complimentary washer/dryer is available. Dedicated maintenance technicians. Property Manager who is available on call. 24-hour secure access. Tools, partnerships, and resources to help manage your business. Interior or window suites. Single, double and spa.
  • Can I collaborate with other members?
    Collaboration is encouraged. While each professional has their own private space, there are shared areas where you can interact and learn from other beauty experts. Collaborating can lead to referrals, knowledge exchange, and a supportive community atmosphere.
  • How much does it cost to rent a salon suite?
    The cost will vary depending on the market for the location you choose. Another variable is size of the suite and location within the salon. For example, are you wanting a window or interior suite, single, double or spa? Just ask your property manager what is available and the cost during your tour.
  • Can I decorate my salon suite according to my brand?
    Yes! In fact, your property manager is trained in this area and can offer you many great tips and advice when decorating. You can bring in your own furniture, decor, and equipment to create a unique and comfortable space that reflects your brand and style. It's recommended to discuss any restrictions or guidelines with the facility management. Want to paint your suite or add a wall of wallpaper? No problem just let us know!
  • Cost Comparison: Renting a suite vs. traditional salon space
    One of the biggest concerns for beauty professionals considering renting a salon suite is the cost. While it's true that renting a suite typically involves a higher upfront cost compared to simply renting a chair within a traditional salon, it's important to consider the long-term financial benefits. When renting a suite, you can build your business and keep your earnings. In contrast, when working in a traditional salon, you may have to pay a significant portion of your earnings as commission or rental fees. Over time, the financial freedom and potential for higher earnings from renting a suite can outweigh the initial investment.
  • What are common challenges to renting a salon studio or suite?
    While renting a salon suite offers numerous benefits, it's important to be aware of the common challenges and how to overcome them. One of the challenges beauty professionals face is the lack of walk-in traffic that traditional salons often attract. To overcome this, focus on building a strong online presence and actively promoting your services through targeted marketing efforts. Another challenge is managing all aspects of the business, from client bookings to administrative tasks. Consider utilizing salon management software or hiring a virtual assistant to help streamline your operations and free up your time.
  • What should I consider before signing a lease for a salon suite?
    Consider location, costs, lease terms, your business plan, clientele, and the overall suitability of the space.
  • What are some tips for successfully running a business from a salon suite?
    Build a loyal clientele, maintain a professional space, manage finances effectively, and actively market your services.


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