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  • Do you have a customer service number?
    Please get in touch with your property manager at your location directly. If you need additional assistance, please get in touch with us directly by calling 9152936333. All maintenance requests should be entered in the Rent Manager portal.
  • What amenities are included?
    We offer amenities such as: Luxurious and modern designed suites. Custom Cabinets. Digital locks. Includes all utilities - high-speed internet and free Wi-Fi. Website and digital directory listing for each member. Marketing Support. European-style washbowl. Fully customizable suites. Spacious waiting areas for guests. The best locations in each region. A separate break room with a refrigerator, microwave, and complimentary washer/dryer is available. Dedicated maintenance technicians. Property Manager who is available on call. 24-hour secure access. Tools, partnerships, and resources to help manage your business. Interior or window suites. Single, double and spa suites. Maternity Leave Benefits. Concierge (Property Coordinator) at select locations.
  • How much does it cost to rent a salon suite?
    The cost will vary depending on the market for the location you choose. Another variable is size of the suite and location within the salon. For example, are you wanting a window or interior suite, single, double or spa? Just ask your property manager what is available and the cost during your tour.
  • Can I decorate my salon suite according to my brand?
    Yes! In fact, your property manager is trained in this area and can offer you many great tips and advice when decorating. You can bring in your own furniture, decor, and equipment to create a unique and comfortable space that reflects your brand and style. It's recommended to discuss any restrictions or guidelines with the facility management. Want to paint your suite or add a wall of wallpaper? No problem just let us know!
  • Cost Comparison: Renting a suite vs. traditional salon space
    One of the biggest concerns for beauty professionals considering renting a salon suite is the cost. While it's true that renting a suite typically involves a higher upfront cost compared to simply renting a chair within a traditional salon, it's important to consider the long-term financial benefits. When renting a suite, you can build your business and keep your earnings. In contrast, when working in a traditional salon, you may have to pay a significant portion of your earnings as commission or rental fees. Over time, the financial freedom and potential for higher earnings from renting a suite can outweigh the initial investment.
  • Is there a downside to renting a salon space?
    While renting a salon suite offers numerous benefits, knowing the common challenges and how to overcome them is essential. One of the challenges beauty professionals face is the lack of walk-in traffic that traditional salons often attract. To overcome this, focus on building a robust online presence and actively promoting your services through targeted marketing efforts. Another challenge is managing all aspects of the business, from client bookings to administrative tasks. Consider utilizing salon management software or hiring a virtual assistant to help streamline your operations and free up your time.
  • What should I consider before signing a lease?
    Consider location, costs, lease terms, your business plan, clientele, and the overall suitability of the space.
  • What are some tips for successfully running a business?
    Build a loyal clientele, maintain a professional space, manage finances effectively, and actively market your services.
  • Where can I submit a social media post if I am a member to help advertise my business?
    We have made it simple to get content to us. Just visit Click on Upload your content and fill out the form with all the business information you want advertised. All posts are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we cannot provide a timeframe for when they will be posted.
  • Where do I pay my rent or request maintenance services?
    We have made it easy by creating a member profile where all rent is paid online and maintenance requests are made through our member portal.
  • What type of businesses do you support and is there a qualification process?
    Anyone who has a small business is welcome to lease a suite from us. The qualification process is fast and worry free. We do not check your credit but there is a lease that you will sign prior to moving in.
  • What led to the creation of the Mini-Salon license?
    The primary aim behind licensing Mini-Salons is consumer protection. It is designed to guarantee that individuals seeking cosmetology services receive the same standard of safe, high-quality service offered in conventional salons. Additionally, the licensing process includes inspections to ensure all rooms adhere to health and safety regulations.
  • What is a mini salon?
    A Mini-Salon refers to a designated room or suite within a salon gallery, available for leasing or renting to provide cosmetology services. Operating as an independent establishment, each Mini-Salon is distinct from the salon gallery and other Mini-Salons. It is required to have enclosed walls, ensuring separation from common areas.


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