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Benefits of Renting a Salon Suite

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Independence is something that most of us strive for in our day-to-day lives. The ability to provide for ourselves and dictate how we live our lives is desirable and rewarding. As a hair stylist, you generally begin your career in a hair salon owned by a corporate company or a private owner. Regardless of how the salon is owned, certain aspects of salon work could be more satisfactory, especially for hair stylists.

This blog will discuss some significant benefits of being an independent hairstylist. Hopefully, by reading our blog, you will better understand what being an "independent stylist" means and the steps you need to take to become one.


Being your boss benefits those who prefer to avoid reporting to a supervisor daily. Even if you have a fair or amenable boss, they are still in charge of you, and you are responsible for servicing any customer who walks through their business's front door. This means you can be assigned clients you do not want to work with, complete specific styling jobs you do not care for, and so on. Also, reporting to a boss means that all your breaks or time off must be pre-approved.

This means that your boss has to acknowledge that you are taking time off and must redo the schedule each time a shift is changed. With this in mind, some bosses are less likely to allow time off, especially if the request is last minute or an extensive amount of time. So, say you have an important event coming up, and you need time off. It is up to you to ensure you request the time off months in advance. Not only that, but some companies require that you find another employee to make up for the time you are absent.

When you are your boss, you report to no one. You work when you want and for as long as you want. Instead of relying on a customer-sharing system used in most boutiques, you work with the clients you want when you want to.


Creating your books can be beneficial, especially if you have clients you want to avoid working with. For instance, if you work at a company salon, you generally have no choice of the customers you work with. That means that whoever walks through the salon's front door is serviced. This can be problematic for some stylists, especially if they prefer to avoid working with specific customers. Children are the type of customer that some stylists struggle to work on. For one, children can cry, scream, or squirm while getting their hair cut. When clients are less than still in your stylist chair, it can make you nervous and less likely to work with them if allowed to choose. Building your client book means you decide who you work with. So, if you don't like working with kids, you aren't forced to. Instead, you can build a client book from kind, loyal customers!


As stated, when working with a company salon, your ability to take time off is severely restricted. Most of the time, you won't be able to take time off unless it is a severe emergency. This means you could miss important events in your life just because you couldn't get your time request accepted. Well, when you are your boss, you aren't at the mercy of anyone; you make your schedule. This means you can make time for your family and yourself. Even when certain things aren't an emergency, they are still important. For instance, running errands during your break, going to the doctor, and even handling matters at home are all important. When you work constantly, you need more time to make necessary trips and complete essential errands.

You can take time off for important things, and your life can be far more organized. For example, by building your schedule, you can choose when to work for the week. So, if you are not an "early bird," you can schedule your clients later in the day. This can keep you feeling rested and alert for your clients.

Also, by being able to formulate your schedule, you can expand certain breaks. For example, most company salons allow workers to have a 30-minute lunch. When you are the boss, you can choose when you eat lunch and for how long. This is a small perk, but calling your career shots is still advantageous.


For some hair stylists, creativity is their fuel. In many hair salons, creativity is not encouraged. Why? Well, most customers want to avoid wild or fashionable hairstyles. Instead, most customers prefer mild trims and subtle cuts. Hair stylists cannot take it when their creativity is squashed and discarded. You can flex your skills and create something new when you work for yourself. Hair styling can be much more than trims and simple cuts; the world of hair styling is massive and varying. With the freedom to do as you please, you can help clients achieve their wildest hair requests. For instance, if someone wanted their hair dyed with patterns or color combinations, you could handle those requests as an independent stylist.

If you are tired of completing the same tasks daily, becoming an independent hair stylist is the right choice. With your salon studio, you can work with who you want and offer them exclusive services that only you can provide.


When you work independently, you have a choice in how you work, where you work, and when you work. With this independence also comes great responsibility. You will ultimately be responsible for your schedule and how much you will be paid. That means you must manage how much income you are bringing in from your hair salon.

Though a lot of responsibility is associated with being your boss, you can make your job what you want. Most salons have restrictions on what you can have at your styling stations. Most importantly, there are rules regarding how you personalize your workstation. When your boss rents your salon suite, you can organize your workspace how you would like.


If you are interested in a salon suite, contact our company. We can offer your business a fully furnished salon where you can set up your workspace. Offer an incredible salon service to your customers with Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa. Contact our business today if you would like us to be your boss.


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