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How to Decorate your Salon Suite

decorating ideas for salon suites

One of the benefits of renting a salon space from Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa is that the space is entirely yours. While our salon spaces come equipped with some of the furniture and equipment you need to run a successful business, you are free to make the space your own.

Ideally, you will want your salon space to reflect your style. By choosing the right salon décor, you can create a space that reflects your style and is welcoming to clients. Need a little inspiration? Here are some décor ideas for your salon space.


If you want your salon suite to have a luxurious feel, decorate your salon suite with glamorous décor! Extend bold themes and tempting textures throughout your space. Gold and silver colors dominate the surfaces and fixtures that take on a luxurious finish. Bring in Victorian-style furniture and add some decorative sculptures, geometric accents, and funky figurines to put your personality on display. With a glamorous look, your clients are guaranteed to feel like royalty.


A modern chic look is probably the perfect fit if you would rather keep a clean and upscale look for your salon space! Incorporate innovative light fixtures, mid-century modern furniture, and design details that boast clean lines and colors. A modern chic theme for your salon space will make clients of all ages feel comfortable and return as regular. Add colorful throw pillows and/or a patterned area rug for some more modern flair.


If you want to create a warm, laid-back salon space, consider taking the rustic charm route when decorating your salon suite. The rustic theme is becoming increasingly popular in salon spaces, especially in the South. To achieve this salon space theme, consider incorporating wooden furniture, especially pieces with metal details to anchor the room’s setting. Here you will want to use colors like shades of brown, amber, sage green, and ivory throughout the space. Add globe lights or other warm lighting fixtures to enhance the rustic aesthetic. Add brick material to create a more earthy feel. The point of a rustic charm theme is to make clients feel like they are being treated in an environment so comfortable it could be their own home.


You can’t go wrong with creating peace and tranquility for your clients. To create this setting, try keeping the salon suite environment as soothing as possible by implementing subdued neutral colors. Consider playing tranquil music and adding an essential oil diffuser. Some relaxing oils to consider diffusing in your salon suite include lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, and frankincense — so many to choose from! Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible, with sun-blocking shades in case you need to create a darker, more soothing environment. Replace harsh fluorescent lights with calming, nature-inspired, or candle lights. Avoid projecting a robust direct light on your clients; do not be afraid to mix in a floor lamp, a lamp set, and indirect light. Lastly, while it may be challenging in a salon suite, it’s important to eliminate clutter as much as possible, as clutter can inhibit relaxation.

These are just four seemingly endless themes you can choose from for your salon suite rental. Remember, if you are looking for a salon suite in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa has available suites for rent in DFW, Houston, Arizona, and Florida. If you want to learn more information or launch your career as an independent professional, contact us!


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