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Managing Inflation and Soaring Product Costs in 2023

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Navigating Challenges

Operating a successful business in the beauty industry can require adjusting to changing market conditions. One such challenge many beauty-preneurs face is the increasing costs of products. As prices rise, salon owners must find innovative ways to maintain their profitability without compromising the quality of their services. Let’s look at different ways to navigate the challenges of managing inflation and rising product costs in 2023.

Small Pricing Increases: Consider implementing minor price adjustments for your services. Even small increments, such as $1 or $2 multiplied by the number of services you offer, can help cover your increased costs without overwhelming your customers. Small increases will also minimize your clients’ resistance to price changes.

Introduce Value-Added Services: An effective way to offset rising costs is by introducing new services that add value to your business. Expanding your service offerings can increase your average sales ticket, therefore generating more revenue per customer.

Upselling or Add-On Services: Identify complementary services or products, like a deep conditioning treatment after a color service, that will improve the client’s experience and boost your average ticket sales.

Offer Bundled Package Pricing: Create packages that combine multiple services at a slightly discounted rate. This can entice customers to choose a more comprehensive experience while increasing their average spending.

Expand High-Margin Services: To maximize profitability, review your menu, identify services with high-profit margins and focus on expanding these services. Promoting and highlighting these high-margin services can generate more revenue without significantly increasing overhead costs.

Eliminate Low-Margin Infrequent Services: While offering a diverse range of services is important, evaluating each service's profitability is equally important. Review your service menu and identify services you don’t perform often and aren’t producing much profit. Consider discontinuing these services as they consume resources without generating substantial revenue. Streamlining your offerings allows you to use your resources more efficiently and focus on high-profit services that drive your business forward.

Referral Program: Implementing a referral program is a great marketing strategy to gain new customers while rewarding existing ones. Offer discounts, run an ad campaign or offer a giveaway on social media. Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful and can lead to a steady stream of new business!

Leverage Marketing Tools: Invest in marketing efforts to generate a steady flow of customers and increase your brand visibility. Use social media platforms, email marketing, and search engine optimization tools to reach a wider audience. Platforms like Gloss Genius, explicitly designed for beauty and wellness businesses, are great tools to help streamline your marketing efforts, manage appointments, and enhance customer engagement.

Emulate Successful Peers: Beauty professionals leverage their reputation and actively market their business. They utilize social media platforms, testimonials, and word-of-mouth referrals to showcase their skills and attract new clients, ensuring a steady flow of bookings.


While increasing product costs can pose challenges for any business, proactive and strategic measures can help you navigate this new normal successfully. By making minor price adjustments, introducing value-added services, expanding high-margin offerings, eliminating low-margin infrequent services, implementing referral programs, and leveraging marketing tools, you can maximize your business's profitability and continue to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Embrace innovation, adapt to changing circumstances, and persevere – you’ve got this!

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