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Should you work for yourself or stay with an employer?

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Whether you are an independent hair stylist or another beauty professional, one of the most important decisions you will make in your career is whether you want to work for an employer on a salary or commission-based structure or rent your salon suite. While all the options are good career paths for well-established professionals and beginners alike, the decision will ultimately depend on your circumstances.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, we are here to help make your decision easier. We put together some pros and cons of salon suite rentals, booth rentals, and commission-based structures to help make the decision easier.


When you work for an employer, Stylists are scheduled to work the way you would in any other career, on certain days and times. Regarding compensation, commission-based stylists are paid a salary and commission in this setting.

  • (Pro) Your workday ends when you leave the salon.

  • (Pro) Your paycheck is guaranteed

  • (Pro) You get to work with a team of other beauty professionals

  • (Con) You run the risk of working for a lousy salon

  • (Con) You have much less freedom.

  • (Con) You have to share your earnings


A booth rental can be an excellent choice when working for yourself. This option makes sense for well-established stylists who have built a large clientele and can help expand their business. However, it is not the ideal option for those just graduating from school. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of salon booth rentals.

  • (Pro) Set your rates and hours

  • (Pro) You get to be your own boss

  • (Pro) You get to keep what you earn

  • (Con) You have more responsibility

  • (Con) There are typically more expenses

  • (Con) You don’t get the reputation of larger salons

  • (Con) You don’t get the training, marketing, support and benefits of working for an employer


Similar to booth rentals, salon suite rentals are individually rentable areas that stylists and beauty professionals can use to work on their clients, but in their own personal, spacious, and comfortable salon suites. These spaces allow individual stylists and beauty professionals to own their salons without all the risks, expenses, and overhead of traditional salon environments. You have the luxury of working whenever you want with salon studio rentals, plus many other benefits.

  • (Pro) You make your schedule

  • (Pro) You are likely to make more money

  • (Pro) You get to choose the retail you sell

  • (Pro) Your space is pre-equipped with all the essentials you need

  • (Pro) You get to personalize your space

  • (Con) You have more responsibility

  • (Con) There are typically more expenses

Choosing between commission, booth, or salon suite rental is a personal decision that requires beauty professionals to acknowledge their professional goals and where they are right now. Of course, for well-established stylists and professionals, a salon suite rental offers the best benefits and typically the highest returns.


We hope we made it easier on you when comparing your options as an independent beauty professional. If you decide that salon suite rentals are the way to go, Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa has a variety of spacious and affordable salon suites available for rent. To learn more information about our salon suite rentals, contact us today!


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