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Top Seven Ways to Improve a Customer's Experience

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As a spa or salon suite owner, you should always look for ways to improve your business. When improving your business, one of your primary concerns should be elevating your client’s experiences.

Why? A recent report has shown that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for a better salon experience and service. At the same time, an even higher percentage stopped going to a salon due to having a bad experience. Providing your clients with a great experience is more than just ensuring that they are satisfied with the outcome — it can give you word-of-mouth marketing, increased client retention, and increased client attraction. Whether you are a hairstylist, nail technician, or another beauty professional, knowing how to improve your customers’ experience allows you to deliver your services and expertise better, helping bring wellness to your community.

So, how can you ensure you’re going above and beyond your client’s expectations regarding their experience at your salon space? Continue reading to learn some simple ways to improve your clients’ experience.


When clients walk into your salon suite, what do they see? First impressions are the beginning of a great customer experience. Keeping a clean, fresh, inviting entryway is an excellent place to start. Someone should always be available to greet your customers when they enter your door. An initial greeting and an attractive first impression will help guests feel welcome and comfortable in your salon suite.

Similarly, always ensure your phone lines are up and running during business hours. Having someone who can answer phone calls will gain new clients who have questions or are curious about your business. Make yourself welcoming and available!

At Mattison Avenue Salons, our salon suite rentals have already created a lasting impression. After adding your touch to your space, you can establish a positive first impression to help you advance toward elevating your clients’ experience. Plus, with a designated reception area for all our salon suites, you gain peace of mind knowing that your clients are greeted by a friendly face and directed adequately to your salon suite rental.


Helpful and effective communication can significantly impact getting customers to attend appointments and encourage them to make subsequent visits. To ensure effective communication, consider implementing salon management software to set up automated reminders to remind customers about their upcoming appointments and when they might be due for a touch-up. These reminders can make things convenient for you and your clients and help ensure your appointments stay filled!


Want to go above and beyond with your client’s salon experience? Keep a mini-fridge stocked full of different beverages! We’re not talking about just water here. Instead, you should offer a selection of other drinks, such as coffee, soda, and tea. To ensure your clients have a relaxing experience, consider offering beer or wine to create a fun yet classy vibe. If you serve alcohol in your salon suite, make sure first to check the alcohol laws in your state to see if you need to meet any specific requirements before offering beer, wine, or cocktails.


As a salon suite owner, your clients should be able to see quality the moment they step foot in your space. They are investing in your services and want to feel like your services are investing in them. Your spa or salon should show your clients you care about their experiences and believe in quality. In addition to quality equipment, you should offer salon products you know about and truly believe in. A professional recommendation can go a long way and push your clients to invest in your selling products. This shows clients that you care deeply about every detail of their experience and well-being and are committed to quality.

As a salon suite owner, you can sell whatever products you wish and keep all the profits from your sales. This is a good source of additional income and allows you to promote products you swear by and genuinely believe in.


While improving and growing your business comes from getting new clients, you must remember the current loyal customers, who are likely some of your most valuable clients! Implementing a rewards system for your returning clients is an excellent way to thank them for their business and keep them returning for more! You can use a punch card, a points system, or whatever works conveniently for you and your clients. Implementing a reward system gives clients an incentive to return while demonstrating that you care about their business and are excited to have them in your spa or salon suite.


While you shouldn’t beg your clients to leave a review, asking them to do so once they finish their appointment doesn’t hurt. While they may or may not do it, the chance of them writing a review of their experience can be beneficial if they have a good experience and leave a good review. However, if you’re knocking these other areas out of the park, you shouldn’t worry about a bad review coming in.


Social media is a massive part of running a successful salon business. Using social platforms like Instagram to show off your clients’ new looks can help grow your business and increase the client experience. Posting frequently gets your work out there, giving potential customers a portfolio to discuss when looking for a new and existing stylist.

Share before and after photos of your work on your professional business accounts. Of course, always ensure your clients are okay with you sharing their images. If you want to impress prospective clients, make sure you are posting only high-quality photos.

Sharing the finished products of your services is a terrific way to promote your abilities, and it encourages clients to give you a shout-out on social media.

Your clients depend on you to provide them with quality experiences, and the extra things you do in your salon for your clients can be the difference between someone returning in the future and going to a different salon or spa. Don’t be afraid to change and constantly improve your business – elevating client experience is a tried and true way to gain and keep business!


If you have an established list of clients but are still working in a commission-based position, there is no better time to move to an independent beauty professional. At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites and Spa, we make it easy to kick off your independent career by offering modern, beautiful rental salon suites in Plano, Mansfield, Frisco, and the surrounding area. To learn more about renting a salon suite, contact us!


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