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Four signs that you are ready to become your own boss

being the boss

If you work in a traditional salon environment, you have likely thought about taking the leap and becoming an independent hairstylist. With revenue splits with the salon owner, inflexible scheduling, and other limitations, there’s no reason why well-established hair styling professionals should not pursue an independent career.

Deciding to become your own boss is a significant step in your professional journey. It requires careful consideration and self-assessment to determine if you are truly ready for the responsibilities and challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Here are some signs that indicate you may be ready to be your own boss:


Being your own boss means taking initiative and driving your own success. If you possess a strong sense of self-motivation and have the ability to stay focused and disciplined without external supervision, it is a positive indicator that you may be ready for the entrepreneurial path. You are driven by your own goals and have the determination to overcome obstacles and achieve them.



As an entrepreneur, you will need to make countless decisions on a daily basis. If you feel comfortable making independent decisions and taking responsibility for the outcomes, it shows that you have the confidence and decisiveness required to be your own boss. You trust your judgment and are willing to take calculated risks to pursue your vision.


Making this type of move is risky without putting together a well-thought-out plan. We’re not saying this needs to be an in-depth plan with every detail, but it should have details such as services, pricing, and other significant numbers. If you have already begun working on a plan, chances are you are almost, if not already, ready.


To make it as an independent beauty professional, you need to know who your market is. You must know how to stand out in the marketplace and attract potential customers. Having an entire book of clients, or close to it, is an excellent start to identifying your market.

These are just a few signs that indicate you are ready to become your boss as an independent hairstylist. At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa, we support independent stylists and beauty professionals by offering luxury salon suites for rent. If you want to learn more about our salon suite rentals, contact us today!

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