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Revamp Your Salon Suite with These Top 9 Modifications

salon suite modifications

The world of beauty and self-care has evolved; with it, the concept of salon suites has taken center stage. Salon Suites offers a personalized experience that clients and professionals cherish. However, the challenge often lies in transforming a limited space into a haven of comfort and style. Fear not; our team of experts is here to reveal the transformative power of salon suite modifications, where walls fall, arches rise, and two suites harmoniously become one, creating an expansive oasis of beauty.

Wall Modifications

Breaking down walls is a pathway to unlocking new dimensions and promoting a sense of spaciousness. Removing non-essential partitions seamlessly connects areas, eliminating barriers and enhancing visual appeal. This transformation fosters open interaction between clients and professionals. Additionally, the introduction of arches adds an element of elegance and grandeur, maintaining a seamless flow in your salon suite. Our team specializes in crafting arches as artistic transitions between different sections. Furthermore, our skilled team can expertly merge two separate spaces, doubling the area seamlessly and creating a canvas for innovation where distinct zones emerge organically.

Cabinetry: Style Meets Functionality

Storage is often a concern in compact spaces, but our experts have a solution: custom-built cabinets. Beyond their practical purpose, cabinets can serve as design focal points. Our team designs and installs cabinets that store products and tools efficiently and contribute to the overall aesthetic. With clever compartmentalization and integration into the salon's theme, cabinets can amplify the sense of space by keeping clutter at bay.

Suite Modifications with Purpose

Our experts approach each modification project with a deep understanding of the client's vision and the space's potential. Beyond aesthetic considerations, we prioritize functionality. Lighting, equipment and furniture arrangement are meticulously planned to optimize the suite's flow. A harmonious balance between open spaces and private corners ensures that clients feel at ease while professionals have the room to excel in their craft.

Lighting: Amplifying Your Suite

The proper lighting can work wonders in amplifying the perception of space. Our team will advise enhancing even the smallest salon suites with incredible lighting.

Interior Design and Decor:

Start by creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Choose a color scheme that is calming and aesthetically pleasing. Invest in quality salon furniture, including chairs, mirrors, and workstations. Personalize your space with unique decor and artwork that reflects your brand and style.

Aromatherapy and Music:

Enhance the sensory experience with aromatherapy diffusers and a selection of soothing music to create a relaxing ambiance. Consider adding entertainment options like TVs or tablets for clients during services.

Door Branding:

Add your salon's logo, name, or a unique design element to reinforce your branding. Consider a brushed glass look for privacy and elegance. Mattison Avenue partners with The Graphics Group Company to provide you with corporate discounts to obtain the look you desire.

Interactive Displays:

Use digital displays or interactive screens to showcase your services, before-and-after photos, and product offerings.

Personalized Touches: A New Dimension of Comfort

While we specialize in creating an illusion of space, we also recognize the importance of personalization. Our modifications seamlessly integrate your unique style and preferences, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sanctuary. From color palettes to decorative accents, we ensure that every element resonates with your vision, making the salon suite reflect your identity and the embodiment of spacious luxury.


Our team of experts holds the key to unlocking salon suite modifications. The result is an elegant and functional salon suite where beauty meets innovation. Your property manager can answer any questions and provide you with ideas and a quote.

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