Just like many businesses, salons and spas tend to slow down during the winter months. But the spring, however, is the elixir of many independent hair stylists. Now that spring is in full swing; many people will schedule appointments to ensure their hair, nails, and other beauty features are ready for the upcoming vacations, graduations, and other spring festivities.

As an independent hair stylist, the spring offers new opportunities to grow your business. At Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa, we support independent stylists and beauty professionals by offering luxury salon suites for rent. This blog will highlight how hair stylists and beauty professionals can increase their salon suite business this spring season.

Attract New Clients

Spring is a time for change and revitalization, making it a great time to bring in some new clients to add to your book. There are various ways salon professionals can attract new clients, such as investing some time in marketing efforts or rolling out a new referral program to get new people in the door and simultaneously foster loyalty with existing customers. Click here for more tips on attracting clients to your hair styling business.

Expand Brand Awareness

Luxury service providers like salons and spas are often the first to feel a tightening economy. Whether your hair styling business is new or well-established, maintaining and growing your business means being part of current trends and increasing brand recognition within the community. When you insert your beauty or hair styling services into your customers’ lives via social networking or charitable events, you boost both customer loyalty and recognition of your business. By increasing brand awareness, you can create relationships with people who might not be ready to try your salon or hairstyling services but may be looking for services like yours.

Establish Professional Credibility

Salon and beauty professionals can build expert authority by utilizing social media, email marketing, a website, client consultations, and other interactions to share their expertise. Establishing this authority and expertise helps those in the industry build trust, and with trust, it is much easier to persuade people to take the actions you want them to take.

Reconsider Pricing Tactics

How salon professionals price their services and products, even the way these prices are displayed, can significantly impact sales based on consumer subconscious and psychological factors. The industry is highly competitive, and stylists need to understand the balance between their services and the prices they set for them. The pricing of the products and services determines how profitable the business will be, so make sure your pricing aligns with your goals.

Sell Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

When boosting your hair salon’s revenue, selling gift cards or gift certificates is a no-brainer. By allowing existing clients to purchase gift cards or gift certificates for friends and family, beauty professionals not only bring in new customers but also increase sales and get paid immediately in full, even if the person receiving the gift never takes you up on your offer. With proms, graduations, and other events taking place during this season, the spring is a great time to begin offering existing client’s ability to purchase gift certificates.

Find A Salon Suite For Rent

As an independent stylist or beauty professional, if you don’t already have your own space to perform your services, consider renting a salon suite. Compared to working in a traditional salon setting, a variety of benefits come with a rental salon suite, such as making more money and choosing the beauty products you sell to your clients. Many salon suite rentals come fully furnished with comfortable seating, styling stations, shampoo bowls, ionic hair dryers, and other great amenities. To find an available salon suite near you, check out our locations.

These are just a few ways independent hair stylists and beauty professionals can boost their business this spring. Of course, you need to have a designated space to work in to provide these luxury services to a clientele. If you need a salon suite rental, check out the available spaces offered by Mattison Avenue Salons & Spa.